Outside of Africa, cornrows have also been worn and depicted in Europe, particularly in Greek and Roman art, and may have had a similar presence in Celtic culture. Cornrows made a comeback in the 1960s and '70s, and again during the '90s

In Hamburg Cornrows come in all shapes, styles and sizes.

Cornrows, also known as rows, braids, or canerows in the Caribbean, are a traditional African style of hair grooming where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row. Cornrows are often formed, as the name implies, in simple, straight lines, but they can also be formed in complicated geometric or curvilinear designs.

Often favored for their easy maintenance, rows can be left in for weeks at a time if maintained through careful washing of the hair and regular oiling of the scalp.

Cornrowed hairstyles are sometimes adorned with beads or cowry shells. Depending on the region of the world, cornrows are typically worn by either men, women, or both.

Over the years, cornrows, along with dreadlocks, have been the subject of several disputes in the American workplace. Some employers have deemed them unsuitable for the office and have banned them –

sometimes even terminating employees who have worn them. Employees and civil rights groups have countered that such attitudes evidence cultural bias. Some such disputes have resulted in litigation.

Maintaining your cornrows

Place a net or stocking cap over the cornrows before shampooing. Wet the head thoroughly through the net or cap. Put a small amount of shampoo in the palms and mix in a bit of water. Press the palms all over the head, pressing the shampoo into the hair as much as possible.

Wait several minutes then rinse the shampoo from the hair. Use gentle stream of cool water for several minutes to make sure the soap is completely rinsed out. Make a scalp exfoliator by mixing 1 tbsp. of brown sugar with 3 tbsp. of conditioner. Massage gently into the scalp in a circular motion for several minutes. Rinse or shampoo out. Oil the braids as necessary or apply a light spray sheen.

Pay particular attention to the scalp to avoid drying and itching. Mix 1 tsp. of honey in 4 cups of warm water. Pour over the finished braids. Let the hair dry naturally to leave a wonderful sheen and scent.

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Braids afro hairdresser Hamburg

Cornrows + Individual Braids - Magic Style

Braids afro hairdresser Hamburg

Cornrows + Individual Braids - Magic Style

Braids afro hairdresser Hamburg

Cornrows + Individual Braids - Magic Style